Neurotech meets AI 22 (NTMAI-22)

Ort: Munich
Beginn: 30.06.2022 08:45
Ende: 01.07.2022 16:15

Can we use AI to enhance ourselves morally? Is speaking one’s mind the same as moving one’s arm? And in which way is intelligent neurotech epistemically unjust?


These and many more questions will be discussed at the “Neurotech meets AI 22” conference (NTMAI-22). It will be held as an in-person meeting at the Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine at LMU Munich (Germany) from June 30 to July 1, 2022. The organizers are Prof. Dr. Orsolya Friedrich & Sebastian Schleidgen (FernUni Hagen), Prof. Tom Buller (Illionois State University), Andreas Wolkenstein (LMU Munich) and Dr. Christoph Bublitz (University of Hamburg) & Hybrid Minds Group.


If you’re interested to participate, please register at bit.ly/ntmai-22-registration. Participation is free, but places are limited.


More information about the program, the venue and other things can be found at neurotechmeetsai.wordpress.com.

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