Ort: Universität Leipzig, Bibliotheca Albertina
Beginn: 27.06.2022 09:00
Ende: 29.06.2022 18:00

Inference: An International Conference at the University of Leipzig, 27-29.6.2022

In the last decade the nature of inference has become the topic of a wide ranging debate involving philosophers of logic, philosophers of mind and epistemologists. One major issue around which the debate revolves is the question how mental acts can be the bearers of logical justification; it has been argued that a naturalistic approach would be incapable of providing a proper account of inference. The contributors to the conference aim to shed new light on this and related questions from a variety of methodological perspectives.

The conference is organized by Gilad Nir (Potsdam/Leipzig) and Eric Marcus (Auburn). It is funded by a generous grant from the DFG and supported by the Humboldt Professorship for Theoretical Philosophy, University of Leipzig.

The conference will be held in person. If you would like to attend, please email gilad.nir@uni-leipzig.de

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