Rudolf-Carnap-Lectures & Graduate Workshop - Ruhr-University Bochum, June 7 - June 8, 2022

Ort: Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Beginn: 07.06.2022 09:00
Ende: 08.06.2022 16:00

Prof. Cecilia Heyes (Oxford): Cognitive Gadgets

It’s an honor and a pleasure to host Cecilia Heyes in Bochum as our Rudolf-Carnap Lecturer 2022! Prof. Heyes‘ work concerns the evolution of cognition. It explores the ways in which natural selection, learning, developmental and cultural processes combine to produce the mature cognitive abilities found in adult humans. She is especially interested in social cognition. Most of her current projects examine the possibility that the neurocognitive mechanisms enabling cultural inheritance - social learning, imitation, mirror neurons, mind reading etc - are themselves products of cultural evolution.

Cecilia Heyes will give three keynote talks (also available via online streaming). Additionally, there will be selected talks by Stephen Butterfill and many more.

Registration is required for participation in person; please send an email to: Nicolas Lindner, nicolas.lindner@rub.de


The link for following the keynotes online will be available on the page of the Center for Mind and Cognition: philosophy-cognition.com/cmc/events/event/ and on the homepage of the Carnap Lectures soon: philosophy-cognition.com/carnap/program/


You can find the detailed program and more information here: philosophy-cognition.com/carnap/

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