Masterclass on Moral Responsibility with Paul Russell (UBC/Lund)

Ort: Online
Beginn: 18.10.2021 19:00
Ende: 27.10.2021 21:00

Organisation: Jörg Löschke & Philipp Schwind (Universität Zürich)


The aim of this masterclass is to explore the central issues and contemporary debates relating to moral responsibility. We will meet via Zoom every evening from 7.00-9.00pm on Monday through Thursday 18th-21st October and meet again on Monday through Wednesday 25th-27th October 2021.


The first seminar will introduce the challenge of scepticism about moral responsibility and will focus on the issue of moral luck. The second seminar will consider P.F. Strawson’s enormously influential effort to appeal to reactive attitudes as a way of defusing and discrediting the sceptical challenge. The next three seminars will consider recent advancements and developments in both the libertarian and compatibilist approaches, as well as two other (more unorthodox) views “Hard Incompatibilism” and “Illusionism”. The sixth seminar will take up the question of responsibility pluralism. In the last seminar we will aim to provide a different perspective on the relationship between the free will problem and our understanding of moral responsibility.


The number of participants is limited. In case you want to participate, please send us an email (philipp.schwind@gmail.com) and briefly outline your motivation and background. The event is primarily for PhD-students, but Postdocs or advanced master students may also apply.


For more details, see here: www.philosophie.uzh.ch/mc

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