Intelligence and Abilities

Ort: Online
Beginn: 22.03.2021 14:00
Ende: 23.03.2021 18:30

Intelligence and Abilities


22.-23. March 2021 (Mo/Tue), 2 PM - 6.30 PM CET via Zoom.

This workshop, co-organised by the Berlin-based Science of Intelligence Cluster (https://www.scienceofintelligence.de) and Human Abilities – Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (https://www.human-abilities.de), brings together philosophers and cognitive scientists to discuss the relationships between intelligence and abilities in humans, nonhuman animals, and artificial systems.

• Is intelligence best seen as an ability?

• How to understand cognitive abilities and skills to start with?

• How can we investigate abilities and intelligence philosophically and scientifically?

These and related questions will be tackled during this two-afternoon workshop. Each afternoon will comprise three talks, followed by a roundtable discussion with all the speakers.

The workshop will take place on Zoom, with social gatherings on Wonder. To register, please write an email to communication@scioi.de. For questions, feel free to contact the organizers, Dimitri Coelho Mollo (dimitri.coelhomollo@hu-berlin.de) and Sanja Dembi? (sanja.dembic@hu-berlin.de).

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