Online Workshop: Kant and Metaphysics

Ort: Zoom
Beginn: 19.02.2021 14:00
Ende: 19.02.2021 19:00

As Kant emphasizes in the preface to the Critique of Pure Reason, one of the chief goals of his critical project is to reach a “decision about the possibility or impossibility of a metaphysics in general.” (A xii). Although Kant’s critical attitude towards traditional metaphysics is widely acknowledged, it is much less clear what the main tenets of his own theory of metaphysics are. Our workshop aims to reopen this debate through a discussion of Karin de Boer’s newly published book Kant’s Reform of Metaphysics. The Critique of Pure Reason Reconsidered (Cambridge University Press, 2020). The program includes six talks and commentaries, starting with an introductory presentation by Karin de Boer.


The workshop will take place on Zoom. Participation is free, but please register through the website before February 12, 2021 to receive the Zoom link.


Speakers: Karin de Boer, Miguel Herszenbaun, Noam Hoffer, Andrew Chignell, Inga Römer, Kristina Engelhard

Organization: Manja Kisner, Gesa Wellmann

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