Lectures on Jewish Philosophy

Ort: Digital
Beginn: 15.10.2020 16:00
Ende: 26.01.2021 18:00

Lectures on Jewish Philosophy / 2020 - 2021


The aim of this lecture series is to examine together with

international invited speakers the potential of Jewish thought for

ethical and political questions of contemporary relevance, also from

the perspective of different disciplines. The lectures are open to all

interested (registration is required).




Heloisa Pait (Sociology, UNESP, Brazil): “The Stranger on Zoom:

reflections on Georg Simmel“


Thursday, 12.11.20. Nuria Sanchez Madrid (Philosophy, Universidad

Complutense de Madrid, Spain),"Arendt on the Jewish Condition:

Cultural Belonging and Political Construction"


Thursday, 17.12.20. Asaf Degani (Research & Development, General

Motors), "Levinas and Artificial Intelligence"


Tuesday, 26.01.2121. Annabel Herzog (Political Science, University of

Haifa, Israel), "Levinas and Derrida and 20th Century French Jewish



Lecture series webpage with the link for registration:


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