Asking and Answering: Rivalling Approaches to Interrogative Methods (Digital Workshop)

Ort: Greifswald/digital
Beginn: 17.09.2020 18:00
Ende: 19.09.2020 22:00

Each time that Plato made his Socrates initiate a philosophical conversation, everywhere throughout the medieval disputations, and also in the philosopher's day-to-day struggle questions are a central tool. But there is no unifying philosophical framework for the categorization, formalization and regulation of questions, although there have been numerous offers. This conference/workshop addresses the justification and comparison of different approaches to questions. In particular, the participants strive to

- formulate general problems for a conceptual treatment of questions,

- compare different frameworks for questions with regard to how they categorize and formalize questions,

- compare different frameworks with regard to how they regulate the practices of asking and answering,

- investigate specific kinds of questions and how they can be treated in a given framework, and

- situate the activities of asking and answering in a wider framework of cognitive discourse.


Speakers: Ivano Ciardelli, Moritz Cordes, Joshua Habgood-Coote, Yacin Hamami, David L. Hitchcock, Manfred Krifka, Dorota Leszczynska-Jasion, Jared A. Millson, Floris Roelofsen, Lani Watson, Andrzej Wisniewski


We invite those interested to attend the digital preread-based workshop free of charge. But capacities are limited, so we ask you to register at: cordesm@uni-greifswal.de


The event is funded by the Theoria program of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as part of the project Logik des Fragens (UG15), sup. Geo Siegwart.

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