4th international summer school on Kant and German Idealism: Hegel and Hölderlin

Ort: Tübingen
Beginn: 09.07.2020 09:00
Ende: 11.07.2020 18:00

In 2020, Tübingen is celebrating the 250th birthday of Hölderlin and Hegel. Accordingly, the focus of the summer school in this year is on their philosophical thought. We follow Hölderlin’s intellectual trajectory and try to understand how it is in dialogue with Hegel’s development. We also aim at highlighting some of the most important stages in the progress of Hegel’s thought. The topics range from speculative and metaphysical reflection (beginning with the criticism of Fichte’s model of the self) to conceptions of religion and the divine, poetological meta-comments and interpretations of what is tragic. We analyze how Hölderlin’s approach to poetry is located in the context of German Idealism and why Hegel follows a different path – a path that does not assign the most fundamental role to poetry or art, but to philosophy grounded in speculative logic.

Applications are invited for up to *10 SUMMER SCHOOL GRANTS* for PhD students.

Since places are strictly limited, we will be able to admit only candidates who have been selected through the application procedure.

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