Masterclass with Professor Roger Crisp

Ort: CIBSS, Freiburg University, Germany (“Haus zur Lieben Hand”)
Beginn: 29.06.2020 09:00
Ende: 01.07.2020 18:00

Topic: Morality and Reasons

The Masterclass will focus on the discussion of some of the more recently published texts and of one yet unpublished article on Hedonism by Professor Crisp.

Day 1 of the masterclass will start onwith a short symposium on the unpublished texts on Hedonism by Professor Crisp, including invited comments by Bernward Gesang, Michael Schefczyk and Tatjana Visak which will be followed (Day 2-3) by the discussion of recent papers on Moral Luck, Supererogation and Virtue Ethics and also Chapters 1 and 5 of Roger Crisps “Reasons and the Good”.

The list of all texts and also the unpublished text on Hedonism will be sent out to the participants.

There will be no funding available for travel cost or accommodation, but there will be no fee.

If you would like to participate, please

1) contact both organizers via mail (Marcel.vanAckeren@philosophy.ox.ac.uk and Oliver.Hallich@uni-due.de)

2) briefly explain your interest and

3) indicate whether you want to provide a short commentary on one of Roger Crisp’s texts and, if so, on which of them.

Deadline for application: March 15, 2020. Applicants will receive notifications of acceptance roughly 2 weeks after the final deadline.

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