10th International Summer School on German Idealism: "A Spirit of Trust. Brandom’s Hegel"

Ort: Internationales Zentrum für Philosophie NRW, Universität Bonn
Beginn: 29.06.2020 09:00
Ende: 10.07.2020 18:00

In the first week of the summer school Michael Forster and Markus Gabriel will offer a broad introduction to the Phenomenology. We will begin by discussing the Introduction and the Preface (respectively, the first and last sections of the work to have been completed by Hegel) in order to clarify the official project and method of the work. We will then turn to a consideration of selected sections from the main body of the text (chosen partly with an eye to Robert Brandom’s anticipated focus during the second week of the summer school): “Sense-Certainty,” “Force and the Understanding,” “Lordship and Bondage,” “Physiognomy and Phrenology,” “The Spiritual Animal Kingdom,” “The True Spirit. The Ethical Order,” and “Conscience.”

In the second week, Robert Brandom will join us, and we will focus on selected sections from his recent opus magnum on the Phenomenology (A Spirit of Trust). In this context, we will take a close look both at the contemporary philosophical issues raised by Brandom’s Hegel and at Brandom’s own hermeneutics, his method of “de-re-interpretation”.

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