Wittgenstein's Philosophy in the Time of Crisis

Ort: Online (Zoom)
Beginn: 28.05.2020 11:00
Ende: 29.08.2020 13:00

The ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic has caused several crises both personal and collective. Those of us who have not lost someone have experienced the disruption of our every day life nevertheless. The situation of social distancing and heavily restricted public life as well as the uncertainty regarding the appropriateness of actions and our immediate future is worth being reflected on philosophically. The work of the Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein includes the issues of loneliness, isolation and privateness as well as of intersubjectivity and the limits of science.


The aim of this international, continual online workshop is to bring together Wittgenstein scholars to discuss aspects of the present situation from the perspective of Wittgenstein’s philosophy. We invite contributions to all aspects of Wittgenstein’s work that are prompted by the current crisis.


The first session of the workshop will take place on Thursday, 28th May with Oskari Kuusela‘s talk “Later Wittgenstein on moral good: realism without postulated moral properties or naturalistic reduction” and response by Masashi Kasaki.


The workshop will continue afterwards in a bi-weekly schedule. For the list of upcoming talks, instructions on how to join and for further information on WPTC please visit our website.

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