Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations in the Age of Reemerging Nationalism

Ort: Universität Zürich, RAA-G-001, Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Beginn: 21.11.2019 12:30
Ende: 22.11.2019 18:00

Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations in the Age of Reemerging Nationalism – Are They Really Justified?


The academic debate on the extraterritorial application of human rights is intense and sophisticated. In the last few years, it has often been taken for granted that such extraterritorial obligations on the part of states exist and the research focus has turned to their scope and the modes of implementing them. At the same time, some of the duty-bearers at stake still question their legitimacy. With rising nationalist tendencies in all parts of the world, this is unlikely to change soon. Furthermore, philosophical attacks on the idea of human rights in general and their universality in particular have increased, backed prominently by revisionist historical work.

If extraterritorial application of human rights shall be realized and implemented in practice, it seems necessary to return to addressing the foundational question of their justifiability as well as counter arguments that promote a territorial limitation of states’ human rights obligations. By combining legal and philosophical perspectives, this is the aim the conference hopes to achieve.


Confirmed speakers include: David Cole (Georgetown), Samantha Besson (Fribourg), Véronique Zanetti (Bielefeld), Christian Neuhäuser (TU Dortmund), Matthias Mahlmann (Zürich), and others.


Attendance is free and open to the public. In order to receive the papers in advance, register via e-mail to angela.mueller@rwi.uzh.ch.

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