Interdisciplinary conference “Explaining Wisdom”

Ort: Dresden University of Technology
Beginn: 28.06.2019 09:30
Ende: 29.06.2019 20:00

The question "What is wisdom?" is known to have a very complex character that is difficult to grasp in its entirety. In recent decades, increased efforts have been made in various scientific disciplines in order to explore the multiple dimensions of the concept of wisdom (historical-philosophical, sociological, psychological, epistemological, etc.). The conference aims at bringing in line different perspectives of the explanation of wisdom. The following questions will be discussed in an interdisciplinary context:


- What are wise decisions?

- Which skills are needed for practical and theoretical wisdom?

- What kind of insights can be gained from the empirical (psychological) study of wise individuals?

- What can we learn from historical conceptions of wisdom?

- Does wisdom have a distinctive (epistemic) value?


The conference is part of a project funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) aiming at a multidimensional theory of wisdom, including an analysis of wise decisions, personal wisdom and the value of wisdom.



Confirmed Speakers: Monika Ardelt (Gainesville, FL] (, Stephen Grimm (New-York), Judith Glück (Klagenfurt), Christoph Horn (Bonn), Guido Löhrer (Erfurt), Nenad Miscevic (Maribor), Jan Opsomer (Leuven), Shane Ryan (Astana), Matt Stichter (Pullman,WA), Pedro Schmechtig (Dresden), Gerhard Schönrich (Dresden), Jason Swartwood (Saint Paul, MN).

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