Leuven Kant Conference 2019: Kant's Transcendental Dialectic

Ort: Leuven
Beginn: 23.05.2019 09:00
Ende: 24.05.2019 18:00

Kant famously claimed in a letter to Garve that he was awoken from his dogmatic slumber by his identification of the antinomy of pure reason, which he took to represent ‘the scandal of the ostensible contradiction of reason with itself’. In this sense, the Critique of Pure Reason can be said to owe its impetus to the critique of metaphysics carried out in Transcendental Dialectic, more specifically, its analysis of the ‘natural and unavoidable illusion’ that emerges in attempts to obtain a priori knowledge of the soul, the world as such, and God.

During this conference, the speakers will address a variety of aspects of Kant’s Transcendental Dialectic from systematic as well as historical perspectives.

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