Schiller and German Idealism

Ort: Leuven
Beginn: 09.05.2019 09:00
Ende: 10.05.2019 18:00

The overall aim of this conference is to re-examine Friedrich Schiller’s recently recognized status as a significant philosopher in his own right, and his impact on the emergence of the philosophical movement of German idealism. The talks will not only cover the more well-known areas of Schiller’s aesthetics and Kantian ethics, but will also present Schiller’s philosophical significance in less explored domains, including Schiller’s philosophical methods and his philosophy of history, religion, and politics. Moreover, the conference program includes papers on Schiller’s intellectual impact on, or relationship with, largely neglected figures such as Reinhold, Humboldt, the German romantic philosophers (including Novalis and Schlegel), and the reception of Schiller by later idealists such as Hermann Lotze.

Organizers / Organisateurs

Laure Cahen-Maurel (Université Saint-Louis, Bruxelles), Henny Blomme (KU Leuven), Karin de Boer (KU Leuven), Bart Philipsen (KU Leuven), David W. Wood (KU Leuven)

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