Reflections on Paraconsistency

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Datum: 21.06.2018
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The idea that contradictions are – in some cases or in some way – acceptable without «explosion» of our rational systems has been developed by paraconsistent logicians, and there is a wide literature on the theme. However, the arising of contradictions, and the need of coming to terms with them, has also political and more generally practical implications that sometimes fade into the background.


We encourage contributions able to address preliminary questions, such as,

1 - In metaphysical and truth-theoretic perspective:

- If the acceptance of contradictions is ruled by truth, can we really renounce the classical exclusive notion of truth, in virtue of which if ‘p’ is true then ‘not p’ must be false?

2 - In epistemological perspective:

- Do we really believe the unbelievable?

- What kinds of epistemic gluts are rationally acceptable?

3 - In ethical and generally practical perspective:

- Disagreements and dilemmas are typical contexts in which the occurring of contradictions has political consequences: how can we use the paraconsistent theories to deal with these occurrences?

4- In meta-theoretical perspective:

- Why do we study contradictions? What normative conclusions can be drawn from our theoretical efforts on this issue?

- What can we learn from the history of paraconsistency?


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