Special Issue: "Intelligent Machines and Human Beings: Challenges of a New Relationship"

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: j.s.gordon@hmf.vdu.lt
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 1st December 2016
Ort: The Journal of Ethics and Information Technology
Name der Publikation: Special Issue: "Intelligent Machines and Human Beings: Challenges of a New Relationship"

Some scholars claim that the technological development of intelligent machines will soon outdo the human capacities in various fields of

expertise within the next 50 years, for example in games such as chess, automated driving systems, the health sector, and war robots. Very

complex artificial systems will become a socio-political milestone concerning the relationship between human beings and machines. This includes new forms of alterity and otherness: long gone are the days when the term “robot” mainly refers to human androids. For example, we

need to discuss the anthropological status of cyborgs – when human beings merge with machines. Another challenge is the role and status of hybrid systems due to their double- or better multiple-nature. They consist of two or more fully autonomous subsystems that temporarily coalesce. As parts of a hybrid system the subsystems change their status as well since hybrid systems are also subjects. Not only questions of ethical and legal responsibility – in cases of malfunction – must be considered, but also the very idea of how one should view the very relation between the two intelligent beings. This special issue examines the diverse and complex problems that the relationship between human beings and intelligent machines face or will face in the (foreseeable) future, provides insights in new technological developments, and features new approaches and solutions to vital problems in current debates.

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