Ethics with Ontology: A Debate about Metaethical Nonnaturalism

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 31.05.2016
Name der Publikation: Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy

The aim of this special issue is to shed light on the question of the ontological and metaphysical commitments implied by nonnaturalism in ethics.

Papers on the following (and other related) topics are welcome:

- Quietism in metaethics. Equally welcome are papers that intend to sort out the different positions in the debate about this anti-metaphysical stance, as well as papers that aim to defend or criticize it.

- The tension between different characterizations of the “nonnatural” in ethics: the dispute is between those who talk about moral properties and facts and those who prefer to talk about moral concepts and true moral propositions. Accordingly, the tension between the so-called “robust” and “minimal” versions of metaethical nonnaturalism.

- The various puzzles related to metaethical nonnaturalism, above all (but not only) in its strongly metaphysically committed versions. For instance: 1) Many nonnaturalist metaethicists maintain that nonnatural moral properties supervene on the natural ones. How should, then, this necessary connection between distinct properties be understood? (Supervenience problem); 2) Have moral properties causal powers? 3) What kind of knowledge is ethical knowledge, according to the advocates of nonnaturalism in ethics? (epistemic access to the non-natural domain; justification of moral beliefs; the challenge of so-called evolutionary debunking arguments, etc.); 4) More generally, how can knowledge be achieved in moral metaphysics?

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