CfP: Special Issue - The Philosophy of Expertise: What is Expertise? – Zeitschrift: Topoi

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: mseid_01@wwu; christian.quast@wwu.de
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 30.10.2015
Name der Publikation: Topoi

Individuals and groups in our society heavily rely on expertise – explicitly and implicitly: reference to scientific experts is explicitly used to underpin knowledge aspirations in many domains as well as to guide decisions; consulting a doctor or attending a lecture at least implicitly assumes trust in the respective expertise. Although pervasive in everyday practices, the study of various forms of expertise did not reveal a definite answer to the crucial question: What is expertise? Moreover, perspectives on potential answers to this question differ across disciplines. Most notably, philosophy and the social sciences provide diverse angles from which to explore expertise. So the there is an urgent demand to clarify the most fundamental conceptual questions surrounding expert and expertise.


There are 3 slots assigned for complementary contributions in addition to the contributions by invited authors (see link for the invited authors). These articles need to be clearly presented and easily accessible. Additionally, they should be prepared for a blind review process. So it is urgently required to omit any self-identifying information.


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