The Problems of the Foundation of Modern Aesthetic

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Datum: 19.04.2015
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Name der Publikation: Philosophy and Society
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The foundation of aesthetics as a separate discipline of philosophy in the eighteenth century marks a series of transformations in the ways of thinking and articulation of modern philosophy. These transformations were direct consequences of the character of modern thought, but they also determined further development of philosophy, especially in the framework of German Idealism. Its founding is often interpreted as a mere consequence of the tendency to systematize philosophical thought as such. It also marks the tendency to investigate the domain of the aesthetic, which had earlier been overlooked and neglected, in an entirely new way. Finally, the founding of aesthetics as a discipline brought about a series of crucial changes in aesthetics as such. The most important one is probably that, after the founding, the focus of the aestheticians shifted towards the problem of art, instead of beauty, which had been the most prominent one. Also, the founding of the discipline was itself seen as problematic at the time: from Kant to Hegel, many philosophers would subsequently reconsider the character and name that should determine the new discipline. Given that Baumgarten’s Aesthetics was for the first time translated from Latin into German in 2009, contemporary researchers now have new perspectives for interpreting its impact and meaning.

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