Special Issue: Epistemic Injustice

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: Abstracts (300 words) are due by March 1, 2015
Name der Publikation: Special Issue: Epistemic Injustice in Practice

The notion of epistemic justice is currently challenging the hegemonic vocabulary of justice that mainly focuses on economic and political aspects of domination. Distributive justice primarily looks at how within the realm of the economy a government shall deliver a fair distribution of goods, whereas theories of justice, following John Rawls, have shifted focus onto procedural and institutional demands of justice. However, both kinds of justice are not able to cope with certain concerns raised by feminist and postcolonial theorists and activists. Even liberals who try to “include” marginalized voices in mainstream discourse tend to lack awareness of epistemic marginalization on the level of representation and stereotyping. In contrast, theories of epistemic justice argue that power is reproduced on a level of knowledge production, language and representation and that it may perpetuate existing asymmetrical power positions in different segments of (global) society.


Contributions are invited to address the following topics amongst others:


- Different realms of epistemic (in)justice;

- particular case studies of epistemic (in)justice that highlight its working in practice;

- gender, race and epistemic injustice;

- epistemic injustice intersecting other domains of transnational domination (global economy, political power etc.);

- epistemic injustice in the academy;

- remedies for epistemic injustice;

- how epistemologies of resistance challenge hegemonic knowledges.

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