Call for Papers Special Issue on the Geometry of the Visual Field (Topoi, Springer)

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 15.10.2014
Name der Publikation: The Geometry of the Visual Field. Early Modern and Contamporary Approaches



Topoi: An international Review of Philosophy


The Geometry of the Visual Field. Early Modern and Contemporary Approaches

Deadline for submission: 15 October 2014


Guest Editor:

Hannes Ole Matthiessen (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)



Contributions are invited on (though not limited to) the following topics:


Reid’s contribution to the history of the theory of visual space

The legacy of Reid’s contribution for contemporary work on the theory of visual space

Empirical, mathematical, and philosophical arguments for or against a non-euclidean geometry of visual space

The status of “visibles” as an element of phenomenal experience and an explanatory category in visual theory

The geometry of visibles and two-dimensionalism about vision

The dimensionality of visual space

Implications of empirical studies for our understanding of the geometry of vision



Papers will be subject to double-blind peer-review, following international standard practices. Manuscripts should be submitted exclusively through the Online Manuscript Submission System (Editorial Manager), accessible at www.editorialmanager.com/topo/

Please save your manuscript in one of the formats supported by the system (e.g., Word, WordPerfect, RTF), NOT including PDF. Make sure to select the appropriate article type for your submission by selecting “S.I.: Geometry of Visual Space (Matthiessen)” as the appropriate tab from the scroll-down menu.

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