Call for Papers: Journal of Social Ontology

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: mc.manuscriptcentral.com/social
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 4. April 2014
Name der Publikation: Journal of Social Ontology

Journal of Social Ontology (JSO) is a new journal dedicated to the philosophical study of sociality (see below for more info). This first call for papers covers all of social ontology and philosophy of sociality, so submissions (up to 90,000 characters in length) on any special theme are welcome.


The first issue of JSO is scheduled for January 2015. Submissions received before April 4, 2014, will be considered for that issue. Submissions received after that will be considered for the next issues.


Acceptance is subject to blind refereeing. Accepted articles will appear online first.

The journal website is social.univie.ac.at/jso/.

The site for submissions is at mc.manuscriptcentral.com/social.



Hans Bernhard Schmid, University of Vienna.

Managing Editor

Alessandro Salice, University of Copenhagen.


Frank Hindriks, University of Groningen; Heikki Ikäheimo, University of New South Wales, Sydney; Arto Laitinen, University of Tampere; David Schweikard, University of Münster.

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