Neuer MA-Studiengang: Philosophy, Science and Society

Tilburg University, Niederlande

As of 1 September 2014, Tilburg University launches a new MA program:

»Philosophy, Science and Society«

The MA program is fully taught in English. It adopts an interdiscipinary perspective and combines the study of classical philosophical problems with the discussion of cutting-edge research in philosophy and the sciences.

Central topics include moral cognition, democratic decision-making, and the interplay of science and society. See the website for details of the curriculum.

The Tilburg Center for Logic, General Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS) actively supports the MA program and takes care of a lot of the courses which are part of the curriculum. TiLPS is an internationally renowned research environment that sustains a lot of research seminars, workshops and major conferences.

The statuory tuition fee  for students with EU/EEA nationality is € 1,906 (=€ 953 per semester) in the academic year 2014/15, providing an excellent value-for-money relationship. In addition, various scholarship schemes can be applied for.

Admission for students with a non-philosophy degree will be assessed on an individual basis. We also offer a 30 ECTS Pre-Master's program aimed at preparing such students for the MA program.

Deadlines for Application:
1 July 2014 for EU/EEA students
1 April 2014 for Non-EU/EEA students

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