Understanding the Family: Life, Love, Labor (Manchester, September 9th-11th 2019)

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Deadline: 15.05.2019
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Ort: Manchester
Datum: 09.09.2019
Ende: 11.09.2019 --:--
Veranstaltende Institution: Manchester Centre for Political Theory

What is the family? What is its function and position in liberalism and – more specifically – in current late capitalism? On the one hand, the family is regarded to be the sphere where individualism and economic thinking are suspended. This could mean that liberal principles such as freedom, justice and equality are not valid, while non-economic values and subjectivities – such as love and solidarity – become possible. On the other hand, the family is also regarded to enable a specific sort of capitalist production – which is the reproduction of man-power – and a specific form of labor – which is not wage labor but care labor.


These discussions shall be addressed in the workshop. Applications referring to the following theoretical fields are welcomed: a) analyses of social reproduction in traditions of materialist feminism; b) discussions on an ethics of care and vulnerability; c) biopolitical approaches on the relationship of family and life; d) perspectives on how the family relates to other forms of unpaid labor in capitalism (e.g. slavery); e) attempts to challenge its heteronormative structure, by asking: can the family be queered?

Related to this general theoretic framing, also discussions of current, empirical questions are welcomed.

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