Philosophical Reasoning as Transformative Experience

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Deadline: 15.02.2019
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Ort: Konstanz
Datum: 24.07.2019
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Veranstaltende Institution: University of Konstanz

Organized by Andrea Lailach-Hennrich and Rico Gutschmidt


L.A. Paul’s treatment of transformative experience has been much discussed in recent decision theory: How can we make rational decisions with respect to cases that we have reason to believe will be life-changing or personally “transformative”? But even beyond decision theory, it seems that the notion of transformative experience might be productively applied to the therapeutic and transformative aspects of the enterprise of philosophy itself. Indeed, from its ancient beginnings to the present day, philosophy is not a purely theoretical endeavor but also has a strong experiential aspect and might even be conceived of as a practice of self-transformation. This application of transformative experience to the activity of philosophy has not yet been developed in any detail and will thus be explored further in the context of this workshop.


Accordingly, we invite submissions that analyze the notion of transformative experience as an aspect or consequence of philosophical reasoning. The workshop intends to explore this approach to philosophy in very general terms and we welcome submissions of 300 to 500 words from various philosophical sub-disciplines, fields, and approaches that employ the notion of transformative experience in a productive way.


Notification of acceptance: March 2019


Invited speakers:


Dorothea Debus, University of York/Konstanz

André Grahle, LMU Munich

Michael Hampe, ETH Zurich

Alice Lagaay, HAW Hamburg

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