Realities and Fantasies: Relations, Transformations, Discontinuities

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: realitiesfantasies2019@gmail.com
Deadline: 15.11.2018
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Abstracts
Ort: Amsterdam
Datum: 10.04.2019
Ende: 12.04.2019 --:--
Veranstaltende Institution: Universiteit van Amsterdam, ASCA

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The world of fantasy often serves as an escape from reality, its limitations, and social, economic, and corporeal restrictions. Reality, in turn, is often desired amidst the delusions of the fantastic.


In this workshop, we take on the continuous and renewed interest in the real in its relation to fantasy, illusion, and imagination. Whereas typically, debates on realism are focused on its contrast to idealism or nominalism, we ask: What are the contemporary relations between realities and fantasies?


We welcome papers that speak to, but are not limited to:

· The conceptual, normative, de facto, and/or imagined interrelations of fantasies and realities

· Ideal, non-ideal, materialist, or realist theories in their pragmatic or socio-cultural environments

· The role of realities and fantasies in socio-cultural critique, social construction, and enactment

· The dynamics of translation, e.g. in literature, media, material culture, or theory

· Relations, transformations, and dis/continuities in artistic, literary, poetic, theoretical, or musical forms

· The body between reality and fantasy

· Interrelationships between power, fantasy, actors, action, forms, and reality

· How political fantasies influence social/interpersonal relations

· How cultural fantasies give shape to new modes of expression, understanding, institutionalizing, bonding, and resisting.

· Fantasy as a political means of real, unwanted, feared, or desired transformation.

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