Democracy and Aesthetics: Performance, Perception and Representation

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: democracyandaesthetics@gmail.com
Deadline: 28.05.2018
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Ort: Manchester, UK
Datum: 10.09.2018
Ende: 12.09.2018 --:--
Veranstaltende Institution: MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory

The aim of the workshop is to develop knowledge of the role of aesthetics, broadly conceived as sensation or perception, as a vehicle for exploring the nature of democratic action and reflection.


While aesthetics and democratic politics have only sparsely been considered theoretically, conceiving a link between aesthetics and politics has been a recurring idea in the history of political thought. In recent years, philosophers and political theorists have started to pay more attention to the topic. This workshop aims to carry on the discussion and take another step toward the development of an aesthetic account of democracy.


This workshop seeks papers in political philosophy/political theory, which can contribute to a theoretical discussion of these issues:

• What does it mean to turn to aesthetics to make sense of democratic politics?

• Faced with current political crises, both cognitive and all-too-concrete, what would the advantages and disadvantages be of an ‘aesthetic turn’ for democratic theory?

• What does or should it mean to appear as a political actor in a democracy?

• What are the relations between political events/pseudo-events/spectacles in democracies and democratic ideals like equality, liberty and autonomy?

• How should spectators be conceptualized as a democratic people that are empowered and engaged citizens, and not just as mere passive and detached spectators?

• How should aesthetic representation of the people be conceptualized?

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