Call for Abstracts: "Mental Capacities" (JeSyP 2018), Jena, July 18-19

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Deadline: 15.04.2018
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Ort: Jena
Datum: 18.07.2018
Ende: 19.07.2018 --:--
Veranstaltende Institution: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Please visit jesyp.jimdo.com for the full announcement.


JESYP 2018

The topic of the first Jena Summer Symposium in Philosophy (JeSyP 2018) is “Mental Capacites”. This year’s distinguished guest is Professor Michael Kremer (University of Chicago).

The symposium will take place from July 17th to 19th in Jena and is co-organized by Hannes Worthmann (Göttingen) and David Löwenstein (Jena).



In the two-day workshop from July 18th to 19th, we aim to address topics and questions which include, but are not exhausted by, the following:

Can capacities indeed account for the nature of the mind? What is the nature of capacities in general? How do capacities relate to phenomena like abilities, skills, competences, know-how, virtues, dispositions, habits or reflexes? What makes for a distinctively mental capacity? How are mental capacities related to epistemic capacites, linguistic capacities, social capacities or capacities to decide or to do otherwise? How can the metaphysics of mental capacities shed light on ethical questions such as those concerning ableism (i.e. discrimination against mentally “disabled”, different or “neurodivergent” people)?



We invite submissions of long abstracts (500-1,000 words) of papers suitable for presentation in 30-35 minutes.


Please visit jesyp.jimdo.com for the full announcement.

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