Ort: University of Hamburg
Beginn: 04.10.2017 10:00
Ende: 04.10.2017 18:30

The year 1871 saw the birth of Austrian School of economics with the publication of Menger’s Principles of Economics. Three years later, Brentano’s Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, re-introduced the concept of intentionality into philosophical discussion and paved its way into action theory. At first blush unconnected, these achievements have an interesting deeper structure:


The methodological individualism and subjectivism Austrian economics embraces can be seen as grounded in the intentionality of propositional attitudes. Thus, the economic perspective has an attitudinal base: Talk of the purposiveness or goal directedness of human action ultimately refers back to ends, to what people want; talk of adequacy or sufficiency ultimately relates to means, to what people believe they have to employ in order to get what they want.


The conference encourages the exploration of Austrian thought both from the perspective of Austrian economics and philosophy. The connecting link is seen in a thorough commitment to both subjectivism and methodological individualism. Whether and to what extent the integration this allows for is attractive to both parties shall, we hope, emerge from the lively discussions ahead of us.


The conference is open to the academic public.

Admission is free of charge

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