II. Autumn School

Ort: Paderborn University
Beginn: 03.10.2017 18:00
Ende: 06.10.2017 18:00

This fall, the Center will offer units on Christine of Sweden (1626-1689), Olympe de Gouges (1748-1793), Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), Sophie de Grouchy, Marquise de Condorcet (1764-1822), as well as lectures on modern women philosophers from 1600-1900.


These master classes are offered by Mary Ellen Waithe (Ph.D., professor emerita at Cleveland State University, USA), Sandrine Bergès (Ph.D., professor at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey), and (Susanna Åkerman-Hjern (Ph.D., Swedenborg Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden).


Since the courses are organized in units (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), participants can select units according to their interest.


The courses start with an opening ceremony on Tuesday, October 3rd at 6 pm and end with a closing ceremony on Friday, October 6th at 6 pm.


Participation is free. The classes will be held in English.


To apply, please send a one-page CV and a brief letter of motivation (no more than one page) to Julia Lerius: julia.lerius@upb.de by September 20th.

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